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How to cut a whole brisket?

by Nyleve 13 days ago

I bought a whole brisket today, with a plan of doing it in the smoker next week. It turned out to be quite a bit bigg...


Nyleve commented 1 day ago

Looking for a propane BBQ

by Pastryrocks 2 months ago

We are in the market for a BBQ, new house and all, so this summer, I hope summer does stop by; we are going to start ...

mikie commented 1 day ago

Reverse Sear Rib-Eye

by Dogboa 3 days ago

did a 3" thick, 2 pound, boneless rib eye using the reverse sear method on my BGE. The sides were creamed spinach, r...

rasputina commented 2 days ago

BBQ, Smoking, & Grilling Be the first to comment

Chicken Pepperoni?

by egurock 3 days ago

Has anyone made homemade pepperoni using chicken instead of pork? I was at a restaurant recently that featured chicke...

Need home-cured bacon pointers (to keep my husband from divorcing me)

by cmailhot 4 days ago

Hello! I have a little mishap to fix. I recently ordered a whole butchered pastured hog and for some reason (despite ...

blue room commented 3 days ago

Best lump charcoal?

by Chocolatesa 2 years ago

I'm gonna buy myself a charcoal bbq today and decided I want to try using lump (natural) charcoal. It's been many yea...

heybaldy commented 6 days ago

Adamson Barbecue Texas style BBQ

by petek 14 days ago

Since I was in the neighborhood(getting a new health card) I decided to check out Adamson Texas style BBQ. I heard t...


bytepusher commented 6 days ago

Grilling Chicken Breast Kebab

by djcamp 9 days ago

I know I know. But I want to make chicken breast kebabs. I have them marinating in a yogurt based Middle Eastern flav...

BiscuitBoy commented 8 days ago

Cost of Beef Back Ribs?

by zackly 16 days ago

What should Beef Back Ribs cost? I’m talking about the rack taken from the prime rib roast when fabricating a boneles...


Cheez62 commented 10 days ago

Kingsford - cook with'em, or use as a patio base

by BiscuitBoy 14 days ago

TLDR (or watch in this case) A friend of mine found some interesting "material" in kingsford briquetts. Crusher run,...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 13 days ago

preheating, oiling, sticking, etc.

by maple99 14 days ago

I have a decent gas grill - actually my first that is not a cheap piece of junk. I am struggling to adapt to the amou...

mikie commented 14 days ago

Is there a best cookbook for learning how to smoke meat?

by junescook 4 years ago

We love barbecued meats, the ribs, the briskets, poultry and on and on. So I finally bought a smoker, an 18" propane...

justbeingpolite commented 14 days ago

BBQ, Smoking, & Grilling Be the first to comment

Beef and Andouille Sliders

by Dogboa 15 days ago

Every Memorial and Labor Day weekend, we replenish our homemade Andouille sausage and Tasso supply. I always save som...

Muffin Tin Chicken Thighs

by Dogboa 17 days ago

I wanted to try these thighs ever since I saw Myron Mixon make them on TV at a competition. So I went to Bass Pro and...

rasputina commented 16 days ago

Turn your Weber grill into a "brick" pizza oven

by ferret 28 days ago

Expensive, but may be worth it if it works:

justbeingpolite commented 18 days ago

Weber Grills -- Has Quality Declined?

by valerie 9 years ago

So as I mentioned before, we recently moved into a house and we're ready to buy a gas grill. All excited, we went ou...


jj99 commented 24 days ago

Shout Out to Weber Grills!

by zackly 1 month ago

I had an ongoing ignition issue with my 3 y/o Weber Genesis propane grill. I finally reached my boiling point of frus...

hill food commented 30 days ago

I need a new grill... Which one should I get?

by Mtkalina 1 month ago

A storm wiped out my current grill. Not repairable... So, I'm in the market for a new one. I'd like something that c...


Mtkalina commented 1 month ago

Texas Sausage - concept & recipes

by biggreenmatt 2 years ago

There's lots and lots and lots of discussion about the pinnacle of Texas barbecue, the humble yet mighty beef brisket...


TheHighEpopt commented 1 month ago

Bradley smoker taking FOREVER to heat up???

by linguafood 2 years ago

Ok, turned my smoker on high about an hour ago and it's *just* under 150. Should I be worried something's wrong? I...


TheWizz15 commented 1 month ago

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