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Turn your Weber grill into a "brick" pizza oven

by ferret 9 days ago

Expensive, but may be worth it if it works:


Dogboa commented 4 hours ago

Looking for a propane BBQ

by Pastryrocks 1 month ago

We are in the market for a BBQ, new house and all, so this summer, I hope summer does stop by; we are going to start ...


fryerlover commented 2 days ago

Weber Grills -- Has Quality Declined?

by valerie 9 years ago

So as I mentioned before, we recently moved into a house and we're ready to buy a gas grill. All excited, we went ou...


jj99 commented 5 days ago

Shout Out to Weber Grills!

by zackly 14 days ago

I had an ongoing ignition issue with my 3 y/o Weber Genesis propane grill. I finally reached my boiling point of frus...

hill food commented 11 days ago

I need a new grill... Which one should I get?

by Mtkalina 21 days ago

A storm wiped out my current grill. Not repairable... So, I'm in the market for a new one. I'd like something that c...


Mtkalina commented 12 days ago

Texas Sausage - concept & recipes

by biggreenmatt 2 years ago

There's lots and lots and lots of discussion about the pinnacle of Texas barbecue, the humble yet mighty beef brisket...


TheHighEpopt commented 14 days ago

Is there a best cookbook for learning how to smoke meat?

by junescook 4 years ago

We love barbecued meats, the ribs, the briskets, poultry and on and on. So I finally bought a smoker, an 18" propane...


jaredwatson commented 15 days ago

Bradley smoker taking FOREVER to heat up???

by linguafood 2 years ago

Ok, turned my smoker on high about an hour ago and it's *just* under 150. Should I be worried something's wrong? I...


TheWizz15 commented 16 days ago

Rust on Gas Grill Burner Covers

by pamelak52 29 days ago

I purchased a grill last summer and used it a lot. We haven't used it much for the past couple of months and we're r...

mikie commented 20 days ago

New smoker - propane or electric?

by Nyleve 24 days ago

Looking for a new smoker to replace super-cheapo bullet-shaped Brinkmann charcoal one that has finally self-destructe...


Nyleve commented 21 days ago

Making Montreal Smoked Meat at Home

by biggreenmatt 5 years ago

I suspect the consensus is that there's no really outstanding smoked meat joints in Toronto, if not in Ontario. Yes,...


Cityplace commented 22 days ago

In over my head with BBQ ribs!

by BethPhilly 9 months ago

Ok - so I need to make ribs for 125 people at a barbecue. Don't even ask how I got into this mess. Long story short...


ELA commented 24 days ago

New Electric Smoker

by dcrb 28 days ago

A few years ago I wrote about my first electric smoker. Well, I have a new one, a Smokin-it 3D. It is a fantastic s...


ELA commented 27 days ago

First time smoker

by Mikeb723 2 months ago

Will be picking up my new smoker next week and I'm looking for suggestions on what to try the first couple of times. ...


ELA commented 28 days ago

Grill Basket with Feet in Batali's On the Road Again

by checkpants 29 days ago

Since watching Mario Batali's series, On the Road Again, I have been searching for the grill basket he used that had ...


ELA commented 28 days ago

Anyone using the expensive lump charcoal?

by chefdaddyo 30 days ago

I just noticed Amazon carries lump charcoal from a SoCal company. All pieces are at least 4", no sparks, and burns f...


chefdaddyo commented 28 days ago

Kamado or Gas

by jdubb88 3 years ago

Hi All. I was in the market for a new gas grill. I bought my first grill about 3 years ago, a brinkman that is now ...


MontrealKid commented 1 month ago

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BBQ judging class in Clayton, May 21

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Seven years ago "Civil Bear" announced that the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) would be holding a class in the B...

New Barbeque

by spine64 7 years ago

Out with the old, in with the new. With barbeque season upon us, looking for a new "Q". Broil King is my first choice...


evansl commented 1 month ago

How to prepare Prime brisket

by digitaldookiez 1 year ago

I posted this in the home cooking section and they suggested I post here, which I was planning to anyway, but I have ...


jwilman commented 2 months ago

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