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Non-sweet BBQ sauce?

by Pat50 3 months ago

Does anyone have a recipe for a BBQ sauce that is NOT sweet? One that does not contain sugar, or molasses or honey? ...


evansl commented 1 day ago

In over my head with BBQ ribs!

by BethPhilly 6 months ago

Ok - so I need to make ribs for 125 people at a barbecue. Don't even ask how I got into this mess. Long story short...


jayce333 commented 8 days ago

Do you grill with aluminum foil (and no, it's not what you're thinking of)

by ipsedixit 5 years ago

Do you use aluminum foil to grill meats? I'm not talking about wrapping, say a whole fish or some chicken breasts,...


jayce333 commented 8 days ago

I may have over smoked my butt

by gomocooks 25 days ago

I defrosted one of my pork butts about 3 days ago. I'll admit I was too lazy to worry about the smoker so I ignored ...


gomocooks commented 17 days ago

Bacon not salty enough

by jtola18 22 days ago

Had my bacon done by a friend and it tastes like smoked side pork. Not salty at all. Is there any way of curing it ag...

rasputina commented 19 days ago

Ed Mitchell will be back in the BBQ business soon

by bbqme 30 days ago

I can't reveal my source but I heard from a very reliable source that Ed will be back to selling BBQ soon and that pa...

meatn3 commented 22 days ago

Traditional Smoking Wood in Hawaii

by KaimukiMan 4 years ago

I was reading a few old posts about making kalua pig and lau lau, Most of them mentioned the importance of using k...


GaryBBQ commented 23 days ago

What is "Gourmet Seasoning" in NY State chicken barbeque (Cornell/State Fair) chicken

by qkaxena 2 months ago

I found an old recipe (circa 1960) for New York State chicken BBQ much like the Cornell / State Fair chicken BBQ that...


wanker commented 24 days ago

Hotel pans? Inserts

by gomocooks 28 days ago

I own a few of what I call hotel pans. These are the pans you'll see on every buffet table. I specifically use mi...


acgold7 commented 26 days ago

BBQ, Smoking, & Grilling Be the first to comment

Elliott's Barbeque Sauce

by sealbeachnorm 28 days ago

Grew up loving Elliott's Barbeque on Chicagos south side(55th). The warm donuts were served first before the sandwic...

First BBQ Spareribs of 2016

by bbqrubz 1 month ago

Wanted to share my first BBQ Spareribs of 2016, these were prepared with two different recipes : 1) Myron Mixon s...


bbqrubz commented 1 month ago

Help with planning a "NY style deli"

by ceaton64 2 months ago

I am hoping it is ok to post about this here. I live on the west coast of Mexico. I am a born and bred Alabamian so a...


ceaton64 commented 2 months ago

How to finish a cured ham

by woodburner 2 months ago

Been asked to "cook" what was delivered and described to me only as a cured ham. Wrapped in gold foil, but no labels...

BiscuitBoy commented 2 months ago


Fresh Duck!!

by ambergabe 2 months ago

Does anyone know where anyone would buy extremely fresh ducks? Just went hunting and have more than I know what to do...


acgold7 commented 2 months ago

Making Montreal Smoked Meat at Home

by biggreenmatt 4 years ago

I suspect the consensus is that there's no really outstanding smoked meat joints in Toronto, if not in Ontario. Yes,...

biggreenmatt commented 3 months ago

New grill, timing question for Boston Butt(s) and whole chickens

by fogette 3 months ago

I have a dual fuel grill with a smoker attachment. I'd like to do two Boston Butts on the gas side and two birds on ...

BiscuitBoy commented 3 months ago

BBQ, Smoking, & Grilling Be the first to comment

Jerked Pork Steaks on the Gas Grill

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Just wanted to share this photo from a 4th of July party. My friend rubbed 2" thick bone-in blade cut pork shoulder s...

Wood chunks for smoking

by justamtlguy 4 months ago

Hello, would anyone know where I could get untreated wood chunks for bbq smoking? Thanks

kpzoo commented 3 months ago

A great site for you BBQ, Smoking, & Grilling questions

by THoey1963 2 years ago

I found the following site when looking for answers on grilling something. Thought I would share as there is a lot ...

biggreenmatt commented 4 months ago

SEA - best "burnt ends?"

by sasha1 4 months ago

Opinions may vary on best bbq, depending on whether you're into pork/beef, sauce no sauce, etc. But please recommend...


Booklegger451 commented 4 months ago

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