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Brisket in my New REC TEC

by woodburner 2 months ago

I'm just a happy man sharing the results from my new REC TEC pellet smoker. After 30 yrs of fire control, I got to "...

woodburner commented 4 hours ago

preheating, oiling, sticking, etc.

by maple99 4 months ago

I have a decent gas grill - actually my first that is not a cheap piece of junk. I am struggling to adapt to the amou...

Amandarama commented 3 days ago

Lump Charcoal?

by Hershey Bomar 2 months ago

I grew up with a charcoal Weber Grill. But when I moved to Los Angeles I switched to a Weber gas grill. Now after 19 ...

Melanie Wong commented 4 days ago

Hatch Chile season - Durham, NC

by ToothTooth 9 days ago

The Fresh Market store on University Drive in Durham is having a Hatch Chile roast on Saturday, August 27th from 12pm...


walras commented 8 days ago

Smoking a whole turkey

by nuraman00 2 months ago

I have an Emson Pressure Smoker which I've used for a few years, for smoking in general (whole chicken, etc.). I al...


nuraman00 commented 9 days ago

Smoking Pork Butt BBQ and Time Management

by Imby 10 years ago

We are hosting a BBQ/Cookout this weekend, and I intend to smoke a pork shoulder, NC-style, on my Weber kettle. I ha...

dperdue commented 12 days ago

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Home Tandoors Now Available in Canada!

by Sam Salmon 16 days ago

Some really snazzy looking units here - if you're looking to scratch a creative itch one of these beauties might hel...

Non-sweet BBQ sauce?

by Pat50 9 months ago

Does anyone have a recipe for a BBQ sauce that is NOT sweet? One that does not contain sugar, or molasses or honey? ...


PiperBob commented 19 days ago

Smoker Bags

by minncalif 1 month ago

I found a smoker bag at the back of a cupboard. I know its old. Anyone have any idea of what their shelf life is?


Dogboa commented 23 days ago

Is my Smoked Pork Shoulder Ruined?

by rlconroy77 27 days ago

I am in the midst of smoking two pork shoulders for a large group this evening. I just realized that I put the heavy...


rlconroy77 commented 23 days ago

Emson Pressure Smoker.

by nuraman00 4 years ago

I smoked a whole chicken a few weeks ago. I had brined the chicken for a day, seasoned it, kept it in the fridge, ...


KCLADI commented 24 days ago

Prep Potatoes

by PFCMCL 27 days ago

Going camping and planning on making hasselback potatoes on a grill. Can I wash the potatoes a few days ahead of time...


PFCMCL commented 25 days ago

Your favorite grilled chicken recipe...?

by CindyJ 2 months ago

I don't make chicken on the grill very often. I have one go-to recipe for grilled boneless, skinless chicken breasts...

junescook commented 1 month ago

My "new" smoker

by PiperBob 1 month ago

When the base of my Brinkman smoker rusted out I cut the middle section to fit my Weber Smokey Joe. It works great. T...


PiperBob commented 1 month ago

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Using Cinnamon Sticks for Kebabs

by Querencia 1 month ago

This was in the Chicago Tribune today. It sounds delicious and looks like fun. Soak 8 cinnamon sticks in cold water f...

street sausages

by C mac 1 month ago

okay so I love the street style sausages. I'm trying to figure who supplies them, as well as if they come pre-cooked ...


C mac commented 1 month ago

Anybody buy the WEBER KAMODO ? Or go with the egg?

by chefdaddyo 1 month ago

On the fence for like, three years. A thousand bucks for an egg seems like a real stretch. I do not do a lot of low...

rasputina commented 1 month ago

Wow, really beautiful portable grill design concept

by ferret 1 month ago

Hope they start selling these:

paulj commented 1 month ago

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Caja China To Rent or Borrow?

by asta2020 1 month ago

Hi there! We want to roast a small pig the first weekend in August and was wondering if anyone has a caja china we ca...

Kingsford Professional Briquettes...???

by CindyJ 2 months ago

I saw Kingsford Professional Briquettes at my local hardware store and wondered if/how they're any different from Kin...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 2 months ago

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